How to Create New Users and User Groups?

The Users tool (Figure 1) allows the integrator to better manage their business through the safe and organized management of their users in groups, or individually.

The main feature of this tool is the creation and editing of users on the thingable! platform. Administrator users can manipulate other users, while non-administrator users can add new users, but without permission to edit them, and provided they have permission to access the Users tool.

It is worth remembering that the creation of a user will only be done by the user himself when he registers on the platform with the e-mail informed.

When opening the tool, in the "Options" column, it is possible to make edits about a user. And in "+" we can add a user:

In the "Register User" screen it will be possible to register new users in the application. Initially, you are asked for the email and phone contact, then to assign to which user profile it fits: user or administrator. When this new user registers on the platform, they access the resources that are defined at this time.

Early registration is not a requirement to register. If the registration is done before registration, the user accesses an empty platform until an administrator releases their due resources.

The following is a video explaining in due detail how to register on the thingable! platform

In figure 3, in "Functions", we define the level of access of a user. As "User", you will have access only to resources that an administrator user allows and/or to the inherited permissions of a group.

Administrator users will have access to view and edit all existing features on the thingable! platform, including registered users.

In the Groups tab, you can assign the user which groups they have access to:

In the Functions tab (Attention! It does not refer to the functions of the "Basic Information" tab) it is possible to define specific functions for each User. A user can simultaneously accumulate permissions from multiple groups along with the inherited permissions from the Roles tab.

Create/Edit user groups

In the "Users" tool, in the "Groups" tab, it is possible to edit user groups through the following steps:

  • Click on "+". When you open the main create groups screen, in the "Basic Information" tab, create a name and a brief description of the new group:

  • In the "Members" tab, associate one or more users already available in the application/environment, moving to "Used":

  • Set finally, in the "Roles" tab, selecting all functionalities permissions to the created group:

  • When you finish creating the group, save the changes to the 'Save' button. To delete a group, click the icon represented by a trash can (See Figure 6).

Authors: Letícia Abreu

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