Map Builder

The "Map Builder" tool is used to georeference assets, including devices registered in the "Device Manager". Maps created in Map Builder can be used within applications via the Maps widget.

To access the tool, click on the "Map Builder" icon on the homepage of the environment, as shown in the figure below:

When opening Map Builder, select the desired file from the list to change an existing map, or click "+"to create a new map, as shown below:

After clicking "+ ", a box for initial map settings will be displayed:

After assigning a name to the new map, assigning a description, and adding some external source (URL or existing map) to it, just save all the actions.

To the left of the main screen of the "Map Builder" tool, you can access map customization and configuration functions. The available options are presented in the figure below:

Adding and Registering Location Markers

On the main screen of the "Map Builder" tool, click on the marker addition symbol and drag to any point on the map. A marker configuration window will bepresented, as follows:

In this window you can name and describe the marker, select the illustrative icon that will represent it, select the color of the icon and configure the location. There are three ways

indicate the location of the marker: by adding a link to the device, entering a valid address or indicating the latitude and longitude.

In the "Link to Device" option, you can link the marker to the information of a device already registered in the device manager. In this way, all geographical references of the linked device will be inherited to the map builder.

In the "Application" section, when marking the "link to an Application" checkbox, the user has the option to define a shortcut in the marker for a specific menu of an application, so when clicking on this link the user is automatically redirected to the menu of the application configured here. We can make this same configuration by directing to an Alarms menu in the section "Alarms", option "link to an Alarm".

In associated Alarm Tags we define a list of tags (separated by a comma) that will be able to trigger an alert animation in the marker according to the alert level of these tags. The settings of this animation (color, frequency, size) can be configured in the "Alarm Configuration" tab in the "Service Configurator" tool.

All these customization options are marked in the figure below:

After all the assignments added to the marker, click "Save". After saving the marker, you can view its general information by clicking on its icon on the home screen of the map, as shown below:

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