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Using the thingable platform! is it possible to monitor data from multiple stations?

Answer: the thingable platform! enables the creation of an application for the integration and monitoring of data from various hydrometeorological stations. The information is also presented in a single dashboard. This facilitates the control and visualization of the data. We also count on the geolocation of these stations and custom maps.

It is possible to identify, through the thingable platform! and the IoT application developed from it, if something is wrong in capturing data by a given hydrometeorological station?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to identify communication errors between the stations and the system in the application. When this inconsistency in sending data is identified, the customer's team evaluates the causes, and the impacts on the station are one of them.

Does the communication between the sensors, stations and the thingable! platform follow only the TCP IP protocol or does it accept others like MQTT, Lora?

Answer: the thingable! platform, and the applications developed from it, are agnostic to communication protocols and networks. That is, they can be configured for this data exchange, through various communication protocols, according to the needs of each user.

Through the applications developed, from the thingable! platform, is it possible to automate the sending of information to regulatory agencies?

Answer: yes, through the IoT applications, created from the thingable! platform, it is possible to prepare automatic, daily, monthly and annual analyzes, for delivery of reports to the competent environmental agencies, within the required specifications.

It is important to note that the data collected, and presented by the applications, can be used in addition to this process. It is valuable information that allows to know more about each business and quickly identify abnormal variations in the monitored indexes. Avoiding more serious problems.

Is it possible to configure permissions for data access?

Answer: yes, in the IoT applications, developed from the thingable! platform, it is possible to define different permissions, for access to the monitored information, by the various users. This way, you will be able to establish what data can be viewed by each user.

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