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thingable! is an advanced digital platform that allows the development and delivery of Internet of Things (loT) applications without the need for programming.

With the thingable! it is possible to drastically reduce app development time, allowing the implementation of Proof of Concept (POC) that evolves seamlessly for large-scale applications on the same platform.

Scatteredly localized loT devices can be monitored and managed by an application built on the thingable! where data from the devices themselves, or from other enterprise systems, are integrated through standardized protocols.

It is enough that the user knows the rules of the business so that the application is quickly developed through the resources of the thingable!. All the complexity involved in connecting loT devices and integrating applications and infrastructures is encapsulated in the form of intuitive tools and widgets that accelerate the development of the solution.

The applications produced and hosted run on any browser and are responsive, that is, they have high usability, even on mobile devices. They also have the guarantee of availability on a 24x7 basis, and the security of continuous updates, meeting the scalability and elasticity needs of each business.

We also offer specialized consulting services, proof of concept, development, management and maintenance of apps adopting agile practices.

In addition to the resources of the digital platform and specialized services, we promote an ecosystem of partners operating throughout the loT solutions business chain, with the objective of enhancing and accelerating the delivery of value through transactions with each other.

The solutions developed at thingable! can be shared and marketed through our marketplace.

We are a platform that enables business and Internet of Things solutions. All actions reinforce our purpose which is to “Democratize the development and sharing of loT solutions”.

Author: Fernando Malaquias - CEO thingable!

Visit the thingable! website: https://www.thingable.com.br/en

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